Best Places to Take the Family in Tasmania

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Tasmania’s adventure activities will appeal to you. Tasmania is a beautiful part of Australia, and many visitors come to see its vast, rugged wilderness areas. Australia’s southernmost point is home to some of the world’s most beautiful national parks and World Heritage Sites, making it a popular family vacation destination.

In Tasmania, there are numerous activities and things to do with children. Exploring old colonial buildings rich in Australian history, admiring picturesque beaches and lush vineyards, dining at some fabulous cafes, or hiking through stunning landscapes are all great family activities in Tasmania. Because Tasmania is such a small area, it is ideal for a family road trip or a quick getaway.

Tasmania is home to the Tasmania Devil and seals, dolphins, penguins, and a variety of other animals. There are also some fantastic Tasmania day trips where you can see various native Australian animals. You can do great things in Tasmania for a family vacation, including the most popular tourist attractions listed below.


Visit Stanley if you are looking for things to do in Northern Tasmania. Stanley is a small town in Tasmania’s northwestern region that is well worth a couple of days of your next family vacation. Stanley, Tasmania, offers a variety of exciting activities. There are many old buildings, and it is a quiet but stunning location, one of Tasmania’s most beautiful.

People come to Stanley for The Nut. The Nut is a sheer-sided bluff that once served as an ancient volcanic plug. You can either climb The Nut or take the easy route and take a chair lift to the top. There are pleasant walks with great views once you reach the top. Excellent for families looking for outdoor activities in Tasmania.

Bruny Island

Bruny Island is one of Tasmania’s most popular tourist destinations. It is a beautiful wilderness area that stretches into the Southern Ocean off Tasmania’s south coast. Bruny Island is only an hour’s drive from Hobart and a short ferry ride away, but getting there is a great adventure in and of itself. Bruny Island is best visited as a camping vacation with your family, sleeping at one of the three authorized campsites near the shore.

Children can enjoy swimming, fishing, and catching the gentle waves that roll onto Bruny Island’s beaches.

Take a boat tour that bashes and crashes along the coastline, seals, dolphins, spotting sea lions and massive ancient rock formations. Bruny Island has a working lighthouse, only a short, child-friendly walk from the parking lot. Many children have never seen a lighthouse in person.

Salamanca Market

A visit to the Salamanca Market is another popular family activity in Tasmania. The markets are located just behind the Hobart Waterfront, so you can easily combine the two attractions into one day if you visit on a Saturday.

The Salamanca Market is open every Saturday from 8.30 a.m. to approximately 3 p.m. Stalls line the entire area down to the waterfront, selling souvenirs, local crafts, and a variety of tasty food and drink; get there sooner before it’s gone, and large crowd arrives, as this is one of the biggest Hobart attractions for families and can get very busy.


A trip to Tasmania would be incomplete without a stopover in a Tasmanian town like Bicheno. This village, located on Tasmania’s eastern coast, has less than a thousand people. If you enjoy scuba diving, this is an excellent location for exploring the Governor’s Island Marine Reserve.

You could spend hours watching the waves crash against the rock and erupt. Avoid standing too close to the spray to avoid getting wet, and be cautious of any wet rock surfaces that may be slippery. It’s a treat to watch other families get soaked for getting too close after having fun trying to time the perfect shot.

Don’t miss out on Diamond Island, a rocky outcropping just off the coast that can be reached via a narrow sandbar. By sitting inside the boat and looking through the glass bottom, you can explore the underwater environment. You can also visit the nearby Douglas Apsley National Park to see native forests, dramatic scenery, and waterfalls.

Gordon River – Strahan

Strahan and the Gordon River are often overlooked on the usual Tasmanian tourist route due to their remote location on Tasmania’s West Coast, but they shouldn’t be! This World Heritage Nature reserve is one of the top things to see in Tasmania and a one-of-a-kind destination that the entire family will enjoy.

A Gordon River cruise is a must-do, but it’s not the only thing the whole family can do in Strahan. The children will have a good time exploring the shell-strewn sands. You can also visit the West Coast Wilderness Railway and the stunning Huon Pine galleries or take a ten-minute drive to the breathtaking Ocean Beach, one of the world’s wildest beaches. Strahan Village, which offers elevated views of the town and river port, a large restaurant, and family-friendly staff, is an excellent choice for a great family hotel.

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