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Bounding in beauty, teeming with wildlife, landscapes that will captivate and amaze you, all combined with one of Tasmania’s top tourist destinations, Maria Island is one spot that you simply cannot pass up the chance to experience for yourself. With ample things to see and do, Maria Island located along the east coast of Tasmania is something to see to be believed. It offers numerous key attractions, fun-filled things to fill up your days with, and plenty of chances to revive the senses in one of the prettiest places you will ever visit. The entire island is covered with the Maria Island National Park where you can enjoy bushwalking, bird watching, wildlife spotting, and get the kids up close and personal to numerous animal species. Walk the pristine beaches, enjoy some snorkeling and scuba diving at its very best, have a day at the beach with the kids, or walk to the top of one of the mountain tops for some views that will leave you spellbound.

Maria Island is truly a one of a kind island with its beauty, wildlife, and interesting history and you can choose to see it with a local tour guide and do the four-day walk that will take you through the National Park or you can choose to make your own itinerary as you go along. Maria Island can be accessed by a quick ferry ride that departs from Triabunna so that you can either come here for the day or perhaps longer and stay in one of the island’s campsites and bunkhouses where you will find hot showers and BBQ areas for you to utilize during your stay. Locate yourself close to the beaches, immerse yourself in the tranquillity, be engulfed by the rainforests and parklands, and fill your days with hiking, swimming, and so many other great outdoor activities. Diving upon shipwrecks and exploring underwater sea gardens are just two of the attractions that draw people to Maria Island or simply taking to the waters for a day of sailing to take in the magnificent sights that Maria Island provides.

Watch passing whales, spot dolphins, and seals that call these waters home, do the famous Fossils Cliff Walk where you can see ancient fossil deposits, take in the sweeping views of the cliffs and bays that fringe the coastline, and holiday on an island where you will find no shops, no worries, and no motor vehicles to disturb the peacefulness and beauty of the island. See the island by bicycle, do one of the many walks that vary in length, have a camping holiday with the kids but be sure not to fish as there is no fishing allowed with the marine reserve.

Whether you wish to strap on some fins and goggles to see the stunning underwater world that lies beneath or stay on dry land, both in and out of the water, Maria Island is a place unlike any other. It is an island with no confusion, hustle, or bustle, you won’t have to deal with huge crowds and instead, you can wake to think bushlands, see animals such as the Tasmanian Native Hen, Flinders Island Wombat, or the Cape Barren Goose. Have a holiday to revive the senses, let the kids run freely, and escape to an island paradise that still remains barely untouched from the outside world. Maria Island is a haven for anyone who loves the great outdoors, and with its abundance of activities and attractions, so many people are drawn to Tasmania’s Maria Island each year, so make sure you make your bookings with the Parks and Wildlife service’s so that you don’t miss out.