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The accommodation around Cradle Mountain is just the beginning of many things to look forward to on your next holiday to this number one holiday escape! Boasting many different kinds of accommodation you choose to suit you and your budget and discover the hidden secretes and delights of this World Heritage Listed Region. Located within the Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park, Cradle Mountain is one of the main attractions for Tasmania and people travelling along the famous Overland Track.

Whether you choose to rough it or stay in style there are a number of different places of accommodation that you can book into all year round for your trip to Cradle Mountain. For anyone choosing to take the Overland Track between the months of November and April, accommodation is primarily camp sites and huts for your accommodation and for others making their own travel arrangements there are other properties dotting their way around the area to base yourself from.

Choose from just the basic cabins where you will have cooking utensils and a gas stove as well as heating within your room, along with communal showers and toilets for everyone if you wish to stick to a budget, though most budgets can easily be abided by when travelling to Cradle Mountain. From camping grounds to budget cabins within the park you can also choose to venture just outside the park where there are you can also stay in backpacker accommodation and alpine retreats.