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There are two main reasons why people choose Cradle Mountain as their holiday destination of choice, one to either tuck themselves away in privacy and seclusion and forget about the outside world for the ultimate winter escape or to enjoy the endless amount of outdoor activities that all ages can enjoy. Cradle Mountain is an untouched wilderness where you can discover pristine rainforests, ancient National Parks, rugged terrain and high alpine peaks that boast countless walking tracks and hiking trails, the chance to get up close and personal with some amazing wildlife fantastic accommodation and experience a holiday unlike any other.

Whether you wish to set out on your own watch or arrange to join one of the many tours that include Cradle Mountain in their itinerary, your days around Cradle Mountain will be filled with exciting adventures, activities and world class attractions. Hike the famous Overland Track that runs directly past Cradle Mountain which is approximately a six day hike for a novice or why not set out on one of the many boardwalks, hiking trails and walking tracks that wind their way through the park or around Cradle Mountain itself, taking in breathtaking scenery along the way.

You can take the kids for a camping trip to one of the camp ground within the park or plan the perfect hideaway to a luxury accommodation property around Cradle Mountain. Enjoy trips to the day spa, soaks in the jacuzzi, dips in the heated pool, fine dining and complete privacy in your luxury chateau. Activities for anyone travelling Cradle Mountain can range from complete adventure to complete relaxation and rejuvenation! Go mountain biking, horse riding, fishing in one of the many streams and estuaries around Cradle Mountain or stopping to take in the captivating views from the numerous lookouts that dot themselves throughout the region. You can go kayaking on one of the lakes, visit Dove Lake, Crater Lake or take the kids along the Enchanted Walk which is only a short walk compared to most around Cradle Mountain and will only take about 20 minutes.

From swimming in summer to snowing in winter or taking in the every changing colours of autumn, Cradle Mountain will surely leave a lasting impression upon you. Skiing in winter is always a favourite activity for many people visiting during this time, with cross country skiing and tubing being some great ways to enjoy the snow covered mountains. You can join a wild river cruise for the day, do a cave tour, visit lavender farms in the area, take the kids to the maze to get yourselves lost or visit the many wineries in the region. Taste your way through the area with cheeses, raspberry farms and honey producers selling quality local goods and come nightfall join in on a nocturnal wildlife life tour to see what comes out to feed once the sun sets.

Swim under waterfalls in summer, hike around numerous crystal clear lakes, see the illusive Tasmania Devil on a guided tour through their enclosure habitat or perhaps make your way to one of the mines in the region to see how they operate and run. Numerous things to see and do, countless activities to fill your days with, so make sure that your holiday at Cradle Mountain is more than just a few days, as you simply just won’t fit it all in.