Best 4×4 Trails in Tasmania

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National parks and reserves cover almost one-third of Australia’s island state. Wild beaches surround the rest, and inland rainforests lead to breathtaking snow-capped highlands. Tassie is home to some of the last temperate wilderness areas on the planet, flora and fauna found nowhere else. It has a long and varied history and boasts the cleanest air in the world. And for those who prefer to get off the beaten path, Tasmania has a plethora of great 4WD tracks to explore.

Tasmania is a land of many terrains, challenges, and, ultimately, places where man and machine are tested to their limits. Fortunately, mankind has developed an efficient, effective, and delightful tool for getting around anywhere on the great land: 4 Wheel Drive (4WD).

Fortescue Bay 4WD Track

One of Tasmania’s best 4WD tracks is located in southeast Tasmania, at the southern end of the Tasman National Park. This easy 12-kilometre trek winds through some of the state’s oldest working forests. It is one of Tasmania’s shortest 4WD tracks, but the surrounding area provides enough to keep you busy for the entire day. The trail concludes at a bay with beautiful walking trails, camping areas, picnic areas, great fishing, and breathtaking views. This drive allows you to see the stunning Tasman Peninsula in all its glory. It is only 10 kilometres east of Port Arthur and a 90-minute drive from Hobart, ideal for a day trip or overnight stay.

Numerous walking tracks, ranging from short strolls to multi-day hikes such as the Three Capes Track, which begins at the Port Arthur Historic Site and ends at the Fortescue Bay campground, allow for a more intimate interaction with this unique natural environment. The park has many more attractions such as the Tasman Arch, Waterfall Bay, Blowhole, Remarkable Caves, flora, and fauna for a more extended visit.

South Bruny Range 4WD Track

This is an easy off-road trail with beautiful scenery on Bruny Island. On this 362-square-kilometre island off Tasmania’s south-eastern coast, you can camp, hike, surf, fish, and boat. Rolling hills and breathtaking scenery frame windswept coastlines.  

Take in the view from ‘The Neck,’ which connects the islands to the north and south. Climb the steps to the viewpoint for one of the most beautiful views on the island. Penguins frequently visit the beach on The Neck’s eastern side, so keep an eye out for them, and don’t forget to sample the local oysters.

Montezuma Falls 4WD Track

The Montezuma Falls track, which stretches 14 kilometres into the forests of Western Tasmania, is a muddy, damp run along the Melba Flats that follows an abandoned train track that gives the area a great sense of history. It is interspersed by creek crossings and susceptible to the wet climate. It makes a fun, intermediate-level drive through muddy terrain, with a few challenging areas consisting of places where old bridges have collapsed.

The track concludes at the epic Montezuma Falls, one of Tasmania’s tallest waterfalls, and provides a day’s worth of outstanding off-roading, truly capturing Tasmania’s ancient wonder.

Arthur Beach 4WD Track

The Arthur Beach 4wd track is 14 kilometres long and located on Tasmania’s west coast. It is rated as a challenging track because there is a lot of soft sand to sink your wheels into, and off-roaders are advised to travel in convoy with another vehicle for safety.

The exact track only takes about 30 minutes to complete, but numerous other recreational activities are available, such as hiking, surfing, fishing, and horseback riding. Extend your 4wd off-road adventure by staying at the Sundown Creek camping site or one of the other campsites dotted along the coast.

Borradaile Plains 4WD Track

Borradaile Plains is a stunning location for a 4WD off-road adventure in Tasmania. This track, located in the state forest about 170 kilometres northwest of Hobart, offers an idyllic scenery once you reach the plains, which are over 850 metres above sea level. It isn’t the most difficult of tracks, but it is a pleasant drive with plenty of photo opportunities.

The entire track is about 18 kilometres long and runs from the Lemonthyme power station to the bare hill road, about an hour’s driving time.

  1. Huxley 4WD track

Enjoy the breathtaking views of Lake Burbury and the mountain ranges that surround this difficult 4WD track in Tasmania. The track is 16 kilometres long and offers challenging terrain that is steep and rocky, especially near the end of the 44 track.

The track should take you about 2-3 hours to complete during the summer months and includes a free campsite along the lake, ideal for a lunch break or an overnight stay. For safety reasons, the track is recommended to be attempted in groups, with all recovery gear on board.

St Albans Bay 4WD Track

This track is a must-do for avid 4×4 enthusiasts, and it is advised to tackle it in groups. This 22km track consists of beautiful dunes across endless beaches stretching from Bridport to Bellingham. You can make a day of it if you want some extra dunes action. The dunes are challenging to navigate, and it is recommended that you visit during low tide to avoid muddy sinkholes.

There are campsites along the trail if you want to stop for a barbeque or a picnic, but there are no facilities, so bring everything you need.

Southport Lagoon 4WD Off-Road Adventure

Southport lagoon track, located near Ida Bay, provides plenty of excitement and a variety of alternative adventures along the way. Although the track is only 6km one way, it is pretty slow and tricky in places, with significant rockery and wet, muddy patches to get the adrenaline pumping.

Southport lagoon offers a variety of campsites and designated campfire areas and a variety of water activities such as fishing, kayaking, and swimming.

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